Engaging International Online Conference In Education Of Three Countries

15 Oktober 2020 | 21.25 WIB Last Updated 2020-10-15T14:25:12Z

Padang Panjang -- On 7th October, 2020, the engaging fruitful international online conference in education of three countries was successfully held. The conference was between Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia. There were three schools in the three countries participated in the conference namely; SMAN 3 Padang Panjang (Indonesia), Seoul Technical High School (Korea) and SMK Sungai Kertas (Malaysia).

 The conference conducted was one of the programs of ALCoB (APEC Learning Community Builders) Cooperative Project sponsored and hosted by the Institute of APEC Collaborative Education (IACE). There were 18 teams of ACP (APEC Cooperative Project) in Korea and abroad consisting of 39 teachers. Our team was one of the 18 teams that consisted of three teachers.

Three teachers- in- charge of our team were Mr. Hyunbin Im, from Seoul Technical High School (Korea), Ms. Fitra Murni Agus Ramayulis, from SMAN 3 Padang Panjang (Indonesia) and Mr. Farid Fauzi, from SMK Sungai Kertas (Malaysia). Three of us agreed to hold an international online conference between three schools. The theme of the conference was responses against COVID- 19 in Education. It was to share ideas and experiences of how the three schools run education and the students get education during COVID- 19. 

There were 70 students, 3 principals, 12 teachers of the three schools participated on the online conference. It used youtube live streaming in order that the conference could be seen by other students, teachers, schools and countries. 

The host of the conference was SMK Sungai Kertas, Malaysia. The emcee was students of SMK Sungai Kertas, Hafizah  and Raja. The moderator was Ms. Subashini, a teacher of SMK Sungai Kertas. The prayer recitation reader was Mr. Azmi. The technical person was Mr. Khairee. It was a great honor for us all to have a video of welcoming remark from Dr. Joonchan Cha, Chief Director of IACE and introduction from Ms. Dabin JE and Mr. Park, IACE officers.

Before the students presentations, there were welcoming speeches from the three principals, Ms. Siti Aida Binti Joned from SMK Sungai Kertas (Malaysia), Mr. Jaekeun Lee from Seoul Technical High School, (Korea) and Ms. Devi Hariyanti from SMAN 3 Padang Panjang. The three principals introduced their schools and told about how they run education during covid- 19. The three teachers- in- charge, Mr. Farid Fauzi, Mr. Hyunbin Im, and Ms. Fitra Murni Agus Ramayulis also introduced about themselves, the program done and expressed their hope after the project implemented.

Then, the presenters presented their presentations. There were 8 presenters. They were Sofia Binti Noah & Nurul Assyikin Binti Hasan, from SMK Sungai Kertas (Malaysia), Changhoon Lee & Jiwon Chung, from Seoul Technical High School (Korea), Daeun Lee & Minjong Lee from Chung- Ang University High School (Korea) and Baiq Nabila Azhara & Anggita Miftahul Jannah from SMAN 3 Padang Panjang (Indonesia). All the presenters were very good in delivering their presentations. They felt free to express their responses against COVID- 19 in Education related to their own experiences in their own schools. 

The conference held on October 7th 2020 was very informative, inspiring and engaging. The presenters were not only to present their presentations but also they had to answer some critical questions from observers from other schools. The conference gave a great opportunity for students to get to know each other how they get education during COVID-19. It was the purpose of the project to facilitate the students of the three countries to share ideas, experiences and insights. After the conference, all students, principals and teachers felt very satisfied. It was planned to continue the online conference with the new theme.

It can be concluded that by holding this conference, it is one of the effective fruitful ways to make them to be good global students and citizens. Great thanks to IACE (Institute of APEC Collaborative Education, Ministry of Korean Education, Ministry of Indonesian Education and Culture and Ministry of Malaysian Education.(*) 

By: Fitra Murni Agus Ramayulis

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